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‘Moot’ first performance & new stuff… (and sketches!)

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The first performance of Moot for orchestra & piano, six hands, on Saturday 28th June went well, I’m pleased to report! In the last few rehearsals before the concert the orchestra started to show signs of ‘getting’ the piece, and the addition of the three percussionists, tuba, harp and – of course – the three pianists, brought the piece alive and helped to reveal it in all its chaotic and overcrowded glory (!). The acoustic in the venue swallowed the strings, unfortunately, so the brass and percussion did dominate at times, and the piano was not a full-size grand so this also suffered in terms of balance, occasionally. However, the overall impact was there and I was really pleased with the convincing performance and the gutsy outcome. Click on the link to read a review which has appeared on the Classical Sheffield website, written by Ben Gaunt: An audio and video recording was made and will be available in time… If you know any amateur or youth orchestras that may be interested to perform ‘Moot’; point them in my general direction!

So; what’s next?!?…

I met with Lucie Lee this week to discuss a pilot project combining dance and music with digital visual media to create an interactive performance. We are beginning the collaboration with some exploratory workshops and will show the results in a short performance on Friday 22nd August at Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield. For more details, and to keep up to date, follow Lucie’s blog: Platform 4 will be performing a short programme at the same event, which will include Tom Owen’s Prowl Routine.

More Platform 4 news: we are all busy writing new pieces to be performed in an Autumn two-concert double-header of music by us alongside other pieces from the contemporary repertoire. The programme looks, roughly, like this:

Friday 3rd October (winds): Stravinsky – Symphonies of Wind Instruments; Varese – Octandre; Pousseur – La Deuxieme Apothéose de Rameau; Bach – something arr. Tom Owen; and a new work by Tom James.

Saturday 4th October (strings): Ligeti – Ramifications; Ives arr. Tom Davies – 3 Quarter Tone pieces for piano (arr. for strings); Corelli? – some manner of Baroque ‘sorbet’; and new works by Chris Noble and myself.

Both concerts are at the Wesley Hall, Sheffield S10 1UD.

My piece is for cello solo & flexible string ensemble. I’m playing around with ideas of panning, and spatially positioning the string players around the performing space, so that the audience will experience a moving audio in surround-sound… We’ll see… I’m currently at the ‘drawing stage’ and loving it!:

IMG_1445  IMG_1446 IMG_1447

(look out for future blogs bemoaning the difficulty in translating the drawings to a score…)




Author: jennyjacksoncomposer

Jenny Jackson is a composer of acoustic instrumental and vocal work. She is strongly influenced by a long-term interest in the visual and dramatic arts and often chooses to exploit the visual aspect of musical performance in her concert pieces. She has developed this to create two fully staged pieces of music theatre and has collaborated to produce multidisciplinary projects with visual artists, sculptors, writers and choreographers. She is a member of Platform 4 composers - a composer collective based in Sheffield.

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