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Platform 4 play Fluxus Boxes: Friday 3rd October…

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My (fairly old) piece ‘Fluxus Boxes’ for clarinet trio & flexible wind band is being performed by Platform 4 on Friday 3rd October in Sheffield. It was first performed by SUWO (the University of Sheffield’s Wind Orchestra) in 2007 following a competition, and I’m really interested to see how well it’s ‘aged’. Following in the ethos of the Fluxus art movement in the 1970s, it is a little bizarre and could edge towards music theatre… I am currently working on my new piece, ‘Kraal’ for cello solo & flexible string ensemble for the Platform 4 string concert in the new year: I wonder whether hearing ‘Fluxus Boxes’ again will inform on it at all…

October 3rd 2014 POSTER

You can hear the first performance on my soundcloud but, really, it needs to be seen!

Author: jennyjacksoncomposer

Jenny Jackson is a composer of acoustic instrumental and vocal work. She is strongly influenced by a long-term interest in the visual and dramatic arts and often chooses to exploit the visual aspect of musical performance in her concert pieces. She has developed this to create two fully staged pieces of music theatre and has collaborated to produce multidisciplinary projects with visual artists, sculptors, writers and choreographers. She is a member of Platform 4 composers - a composer collective based in Sheffield.

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